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Cryptology Research Society of India is a scientific assembly consisting of academics, researchers, specialists, students and institutions interested in promoting the science and technology of Cryptology, Security and allied disciplines in India.
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Indocrypt Conference

Hyderabad, 15-18 December 2019
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National Workshop

Presidency University, Bengaluru, 26-28 Sep. 2019
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Instructional Workshop

MIT, Manipal, 8-10 July 2019
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R. Balasubramanian
IMSc Chennai
General Secretary
Bimal Roy
ISI Kolkata

Executive Committee is the main decision making body of the Society, elected by the members in the Annual General Body Meeting, generally for a term of two years.

Executive committee


CRSI has three levels of membership — Life Member, Associate Member and Student Member. Based on eligibility and preference, Individual as well as Institutional membership is offered at each level.

Currently there are 772 life members, 10 associate members and 95 student members.

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