Cryptology Research Society of India


Cryptology Research Society of India (CRSI) was founded in 2001 as a non-profit scientific organization to support research and development in Cryptology and Data Security in India. Initiatives for dissemination of knowledge in Cryptology and allied disciplines are also taken up by the Society in the form of national and international level workshops and conferences across the country. The main office of CRSI is located in Kolkata, and its major activities can be categorized as follows.


Annual Events


Sponsored Projects

The Society takes up various sponsored projects of National importance from Government organizations and institutions. Through these projects, CRSI facilitates collboration between the academic experts and the government agencies interested in the niche area of Cryptology and Data Security, towards a wholesome growth of research and development in the the country.


Support for Events

In addition to organizing/co-organizing national events in Cryptology and Data Security, the Society also provides occasional support to similar other events of National importance; especially conferences, workshops and tutorials in Cryptology and allied disciplines. The support may be financial, organizational or in terms of procuring resource persons, depending on the requirement of the event.