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The National Instructional Workshop in Cryptology is the primary vehicle in India for dissemination of knowledge in Cryptology and allied areas. CRSI organizes this workshop every year, in co-operation with an Indian institution, to reach the students all across the country and provide them with a platform to explore the opportunities in Cryptology and related fields of study and research.

Eminent experts, practitioners and teachers in Cryptology and Data Security are invited to deliver instructional lectures in this workshop at a basic level, so as to motivate young minds of India to pursue a career in research and development in Cryptology and allied disciplines. The target audience for this workshop is generally young researchers and students in Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, who are interested to explore avenues in Cryptology research and education.


National Instructional Workshop on Cryptology (NIWC) 2019 is hosted by Centre for Cryptography Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, under the aegis of CRSI, during 8–10 July 2019.   

National Instructional Workshop 2019  


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